Will Richardson-Davis

New Media Artist - Interactive Experience Designer

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School (2017)

Through my membership with QUT’s Real World Placement Program, I gained the opportunity to volunteer as a design mentor at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School.

​Within this role, I taught graphic design skills to a class of approximately 20 middle school students aged 12-15. I worked closely with one student in particular named Lily who has demonstrated exceptional artistic ability. Over a ten-week period, the entire class worked together to produce an illustrated children’s book.

​Throughout the project, I took on a number of roles and responsibilities. These included: planning lessons on a weekly basis, organising milestones for students’ learning, and supporting them to reach these goals through class activities.

​What each student learnt was based on their skills and their interests. Across the board, students learnt skills such as the basic design process, hand illustration, and using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

​I am very proud of the final project the students produced and how their confidence and skills have grown.