Will Richardson-Davis

New Media Artist - Interactive Experience Designer

Project Soundline | Klangschlange (2018 to Present)

The Soundline project is a playful, social sonic intervention investigating future entertainment and potential to facilitate a state of group flow.

Performers permeate crowds with playful responsive objects and invite audiences to become co-producers of their own entertainment. Movement of the responsive orbs directly influence the soundscape, resulting in a collaborative performance alongside other attendees.

Soundline has performed at a number of festivals and events. Including the Brisbane Powerhouse, the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, and CreateX at QUT.

My Role

I took on various roles within the Soundline team over the course of the project’s development.

Initially, I worked on concept development and lo-fi prototyping, helping to pitch the project to the festival directors in Austria.

After we had gained approval to perform in Austria, my role changed to managing and conducting user testing sessions. I communicated with a local school, Kelvin Grove State College, and gained approval to facilitate various development sessions with classes of children from 11 to 18 years old.

Over the course of a school day, I led eight 30-minute user testing sessions with classes of up to sixty students at a time. Each session was tailored to the grade and subject of the students attending, ranging from year 6 science, to year 12 fashion and IT. From these sessions both the KGSC students and the Soundline team learnt many valuable lessons.

Finally, while touring in Austria, and in subsequent performances, my role shifted to helping with live performances as well as communicating the project to various members of the public and interested parties.