Will Richardson-Davis

New Media Artist - Interactive Experience Designer

Vocal Orb (2018)

Vocal Orb is an original technology developed by Courtney Staunton, Stacey Vertongen, and myself, in response to a brief from industry partners DeepBlue Orchestra and the Queensland Choir.​

DeepBlue and the Queensland Choir approached our cohort looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate technology into their performances in 2019 and beyond.

​In response to this we created Vocal Orb, a small device designed to be held by members of the choir and dynamically light them depending on live data from each individual performer’s singing.

Throughout this project I was in charge of physical prototyping as well as coding. The prototype was constructed using an Arduino microcontroller, coded in C++, as well as a microphone sensor and other components.

​Upon presentation, Vocal Orb was selected as a finalist from this industry brief, and secured a contract worth $1500 for the creation of additional orbs for use in future performances.