Will Richardson-Davis

New Media Artist - Interactive Experience Designer

Abracadabra – I Create As I Speak

Responding to the growing problem of isolation in society, Abracadabra aims to explore how interactive art can be used to encourage connection between participants.

I feel particularly connected to this issue due to my experience working as a middle and senior school educator. During my time in this role, I have seen firsthand how a lack of communication skills can affect a student, leading to social isolation and reduced academic performance.

Abracadabra visually reacts to speech, inviting participants to playfully explore through the ebb and flow of their conversation and, in doing so, connect with each other.

Abracadabra was created alongside my exegesis as the major outcomes of my honours year at QUT. In recognition of the quality of these works, I was awarded First Class Honours upon graduation.

In addition, the project was exhibited as part of the 2019 QUT Design Festival and engaged over 200 participants over the course of the event. Participants from 3 – 82 years old were observed laughing, singing, joking, and simply having conversations within the space.

Building from this success, I look forward to further developing Abracadabra for future exhibitions as well as exploring possible permanent installations or portable versions.