Will Richardson-Davis

New Media Artist - Interactive Experience Designer

Project Living Walls

Living Walls is a prototype experience that invites participants to immerse themselves in a participatory installation and explore the possibilities and challenges associated with future living.

Participants are tasked with designing their own micro-living environment, deciding how to place their furniture, walls, and lighting. During this experience, they may be forced to make some tough decisions, as their space and resources are limited.

Once the participants are happy with their living space, Living Walls is brought to life with augmented reality. Participants can then explore the reality of the living space they’ve designed and reflect on the decisions they had to make.

Living Walls was first debuted to the public as a working prototype at the Ars Electronica Festival 2019 in Austria. Moving forward, the experience is being developed further for 3 Festival, Wollongong Australia in 2020.

My Role

Throughout the development of Living Walls I worked in a transdisciplinary manner across a large team of established roles.

Initially, I acted as an experience designer, considering the flow of participant interactions, decision making, and conceptual clarity.

As the project progressed, I took up the role of identifying gaps, challenges, and solutions within the groups thinking, project ideation, and delivery solutions. In creating this self-directed role I acted as a ‘glue’ agent, contributing to these gaps freely with new thinking and novel approaches.